ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Elite Metal Finishing is committed to providing the highest quality and service to meet and exceed all of our customer requirements. We achieve this through continuous improvement of our Quality Management System in our business operation, as well as through the monitoring of Measurable Quality Objectives.

This Quality Manual defines the Quality Management System implemented at Elite Metal Finishing. The objective of this system is continuous, permanent quality improvement to prevent defects, reduce waste, improve product quality, exceed customer expectations, and sustain a successful business. The Quality Management System described herein is designed to meet various customer requirements for ISO 9001:2000.

The Elite Metal Finishing’s President is the designated authority, and has responsibility for implementing and maintaining the Quality Management System.

This Quality Manual is directed at assuring Elite Metal Finishing compliance with customer contract requirements through the application and monitoring of a structured management system. Monitoring the effectiveness of the Elite Metal Finishing Quality Management System through planned management reviews and internal audits is emphasized.

The entire management team along with each Elite Metal Finishing employee recognizes the importance of effectively building “Quality” into every product and service we provide.