Continuous Improvements Drive Elite Metal Finishing

Published on 4/1/2019

Elite Metal Finishing was singled out for Best Practices in the Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey because of their extremely high detail to quality and customer communication.

Employees at Elite Metal Finishing in Oceanside, California, know that when they walk in the door each day, the same motto will be repeated to them.

“Our motto ‘Quality Never Compromised’ is instilled in every team member,” says Dan Rose, company president. “Quality and on-time delivery are at the forefront. It’s who we are. Our team members know that ultimately, our customers are the ones signing their paychecks.”

Elite Metal Finishing was singled out for Best Practices in the Products FinishingTop Shops Benchmarking Survey because of their extremely strong attention to detail in both quality and customer communication.

“Our customers are our business partners,” says Rose, whose shop had a very low order lead time of 2-5 days, and an on-time delivery rate of 99 percent.

“Two of our core values are continuous improvement and workmanship,” he says. “These business practices keep us focused on maintaining outstanding turn time, quality and customer retention. Great turn time without quality is nonproductive.”

Elite Metal Finishing also had an extremely high first-pass quality yield of 99 percent, which Rose says is a culmination of extensive contract review, strict tank maintenance, inspection throughout the job and operator training.

In addition, the shop has instilled several improvement methods to ensure high quality workmanship, including preventive maintenance programs to alleviate downtime; committing to cross-training to ensure staff gaps can be filled; and dedicated team members who are willing to work extra hours, split shifts and weekends to ensure they meet delivery requirements.

“Companywide continuous improvement is a frame of mind for us,” Rose says.

Being selected to the Products Finishing Top Shops list is proof that the management and staff methods are working and that, in essence, quality is not being compromised.

“It’s great to get an honor from a respected publication, and it makes for great advertising,” Rose says. “But, more importantly, it’s confirmation to our team members that, collectively, they are being rewarded for the pride they have in their work and a job well done.”



CINCINNATI, Ohio - EliteMetal Finishing has been named one of the best finishing shops in the U.S., according to an industry benchmarking survey conducted by Products Finishing magazine, a trade publication which has covered the industry since 1938.

The magazine conducted an extensive benchmarking survey that analyzed a company in several different areas, including Current Finishing Technology, Finishing Practices and Performances, Business Strategies and Performances, and Training and Human Resources.

Only the top 50 shops were given the honor of being a Products Finishing magazine ‘Top Shop’ based on a scoring matrix of those four criteria.

"Elite Metal Finishing has established itself as one of the best finishing operations in the industry,” said Tim Pennington, editor of Products Finishing magazine. “The criteria we used was very stringent, and only the finishing shops that excelled in all four areas made the list. Elite Metal Finishing is in rare air when it comes to finishing operations.”

Elite Metal Finishing is located at 2525 Jason Court, Oceanside, CA 92056, and offers Chem Film, Anodize Type II and III, Electroless Nickel, Passivate, Zinc, Slik-Seal with PTFE, and Paint Powder Coating.

"We are extremely excited and pleased to be named one of Products Finishing magazine's 'Top Shops'," said Dan Rose, owner of EliteMetal Finishing . “Our employees and management team have worked very hard to be the best in the industry, and to provide our customers with quality service.”